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Training and placement

Unemployment is a global challenge .Market is flooded with increasing number of skilled resources every moment. Competition for any job is intense. Only the fittest will survive in this harsh competition. On the other hard there is a huge scarcity of skilled manpower, more so in the field of accounting locally and globally.

We believe that skill ofcourseis very essential for employment.Skill combined with discipline,workingattitude,willingness to learn,Interpersonal skills, communication skills, personal hygiene , respect for work etc.are other major factor on which individual’s chances of employability depends.

There is a huge dearth of skilled accounting personels in the country and abroad as well. Acquiring accounting skill will open the doors of employments in Nepal as well as abroad.

We take proper care to see that the participants of our training programmes are properly placed,however we do not provide any guarantee for their placement.

Following are the major focus of our training programmes.

  • General and practical accounting.
  • Professional accounting training.
  • Taxation (income tax and vat).
  • Computerized accounting.
  • Soft skills.
  • Business English.
  • Accounting training for jobs abroad.